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Version: 1.0.0


ROOK Connect is a comprehensive service offered by ROOK that simplifies the collection and delivery of users' health data from various sources. It is one of the products provided by ROOK, aimed at facilitating the integration of health data into client applications. By utilizing ROOK Connect, clients can save time and effort by avoiding the need to integrate and maintain multiple health data sources. ROOK Connect automates the data collection process by polling health data sources or utilizing SDKs directly on mobile devices. The collected data is then processed to extract meaningful insights, and the processed data is delivered to clients through notification and consultation mechanisms such as APIs and webhooks.

What does ROOK Connect do?

The data flow in ROOK Connect consists of the following stages:

  1. Data Extraction Stage:
    • Data is extracted from health data sources using the provided extraction mechanisms. This can be done through API polling or by listening to real-time data streams from the sources. Health data sources with APIs require users to authorize ROOK Connect to access their health data. ROOK Connect facilitates this authorization process by generating authorization page URLs that users can access through the connections page or API endpoints. Once authorized, ROOK Connect automates the data collection process based on the available health data technologies. Some technologies offer webhooks, where ROOK Connect is notified of newly available user data, enabling faster data collection. For health data sources without APIs, data is directly pulled from mobile devices using our SDKs.
  2. Processing Stage:
    • Our servers process the collected health data, standardizing, harmonizing, and cleaning it for consistency and accuracy.
    • ROOK Connect's Extraction SDKs perform data processing tasks such as standardization and harmonization.
  3. Data Consumption Stage:
    • From ROOK Connect Server:
      • Clients can retrieve summaries and events of their users using our API endpoints.
      • Clients can subscribe to ROOK Connect webhooks to receive real-time notifications of new data and updates.
    • From Mobile Devices:
      • Clients have the option to extract the data directly from mobile devices without necessarily transmitting it to our servers. This can be useful for clients who have their own cloud processing backend and prefer to handle the data locally.

What are the advantages of using ROOK Connect?

Data Sources

  • ROOK Connect supports over 300 wearable health data sources and is constantly adding more. Please contact us if you require integration with a provider not listed.

Technical Support

  • ROOK Connect connects to all health data sources, regardless of the method they use to provide data (endpoints, notifications, or mobile SDKs). We handle updates and changes made by health data sources to ensure seamless integration.
  • Our legal and security team understands the responsibilities involved in managing users' health data from different sources. We provide clear and concise terms to clients and users, conveyed through the authorization web pages embedded within client applications.

Cost Efficiency

  • Some health data sources have paywalls or costs associated with their APIs or data connections, making integrations expensive. ROOK covers these costs related to health data providers, and clients only pay ROOK for actual usage.

What is the technology behind ROOK Connect?

ROOK Connect offers a suite of technology components, including SDKs, APIs, and webhooks, to facilitate the integration of our services into client applications. Each component is designed to be modular and can be used independently or in combination with others, depending on the specific requirements of the application.

What are the principles of ROOK Connect technology?

When designing ROOK Connect technology, we adhere to three key principles: modularity, generality, and ease of integration.


  • Our

    components are modularized with well-defined responsibilities, allowing clients to integrate each component separately. For example:

    • Clients can use ROOK Connect's Bluetooth extraction SDK to develop their own training app without utilizing ROOK Connect's training SDK.
    • ROOK Connect's Health Data Extraction SDK can be directly used on mobile devices without transmitting the data to ROOK Connect servers.
    • ROOK Connect's Transmission SDK enables the transmission of health data generated by clients' own mobile apps.


  • ROOK Connect technology is designed to be flexible and adaptable to various industries and business models. The data structures are customizable to accommodate different use cases.

Ease of Integration

  • Integration with ROOK Connect technology is streamlined to be fast and straightforward. We provide modularized components that can be implemented based on the available development resources and timelines.