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Version: 1.0.0


Welcome to ROOK, your partner in seamlessly collecting and analyzing health data from various sources. With our support, you can integrate data from sources that use either SDKs or APIs. The collected data is readily accessible via real-time webhook notifications or direct API queries. Furthermore, ROOK's innovative Score and Insights, derived from the analyzed data, empower you to generate comprehensive health profiles for your users.

To effectively utilize ROOK's technology, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Request Your Credentials

Start your integration process by requesting your unique client credentials. Email us at, and we'll generate them for you. Please remember to store these credentials securely. The client secret, in particular, is generated only once and will be necessary for all future API requests.

2. Configure Webhooks

Next, furnish us with your webhook endpoint. Once this is configured, ROOK will be able to send you real-time notifications whenever there is new health data available. Learn more about webhook configuration here.

3. Familiarize Yourself with the API

ROOK's API empowers you to actively query user data as needed. You can explore all available API endpoints in our API documentation section. If you don't have real users yet, you can use our demoUserId to test the API and receive demo data.

4. Deep Dive into ROOK Connect

ROOK Connect is a versatile tool that collects data from a diverse array of health data sources.

Data Sources

ROOK collects data from a multiple of health sources, creating a robust health data ecosystem. Learn more about the available data sources in our Data Sources section.

Data Structure

The health data collected by ROOK is organized into unique categories, referred to as Health Data Pillars. For a better understanding of these pillars, visit our Data Structure section.

Connection Page

The connection page is where your users provide authorization for ROOK to access user data via the data source API. You can personalize the appearance by adjusting colors and selecting which data sources to display. Learn more about it here.


For data sources like Apple Health and Health Connect that lack APIs, you need to incorporate an SDK into your app. This allows ROOK to extract the required data directly from the user's device and transmit it to the ROOK servers. Explore our available SDKs and platforms here.

5. Take Advantage of Health Scores

ROOK provides a unique scoring system - the ROOK Score. This score, predicated on Health Data Pillars, delivers an indicative assessment of your users' overall health status. Find out more about the ROOK Score here.